If you are a citizen of a country like Singapore, you would know that one of the best ways a person can live comfortably and luxuriously is investing in an executive condominium. You might wonder what living in such a place might offer to you, but it actually is something that offers a lot to the person living there. For one, living in an executive condominium might mean that you are living in a luxurious setting with a lot of different luxurious facilities. It also lets you own the place as private property after investing in it for either five or ten year, which means you can sell it or rent it as you wish. It is also a generally excellent investment as well because it is economically reasonable and budget-friendly to most people. However, not everyone would find living in a condominium is easy as there is a lot going on at once. Even though it is different from an apartment, it does have its similarities with an apartment as well. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are living in an ec!

Good relationship with the seller

When you are investing in an executive condominium something you have to keep on the tip of your mind is to connect to the seller on a good, friendly level. Whether you are buying from signature at Yishun or another company, make sure to be at good levels with the person who is helping you out. When you visit the Signature at Yishun ec showflat and invest in it, if you come across a problem of any sort it is going to be easier for you to ask for help with it.

Upgrade it

You know you cannot claim your signature at Yishun ec until you pass the five years and ten-year limit, so because of this, you cannot make any drastic or significant changes to the condo you are living in! However, this does not mean you cannot make any changes at all because you can surely upgrade the place to suit your liking! As you are the person living there you have a say in what needs to be and what needs to not be there.

Do not rent it out

Some people do the mistake of renting their condo out to other people they know, and some people also invite others to stay in as roommates. This might cause a lot of issues for you to the company so until it becomes private property you cannot rent it out!