There are so many places to stay when it comes to the leisure and hospitality sector that we sometimes don’t know when to draw the line. We opt for “cheap” places to stay in and then don’t know when we should complain about the state of the rooms. We pay a fortune and then we don’t wanna complain because it sounds like whining. So here is how to tell for sure when you can and cannot complain to the management about something you notice where you stay.

Cleanliness Rules

No matter how economical the room was, there is no excuse for dirty rooms. Every licensed accommodation vendor is bound by law to provide sanitary places for guests to stay in so there’s no excuse for dirty linen, dust covered furniture and uncleaned bathrooms. You should pay special attention to the bathrooms; if they are communal then the place needs to have some sort of arrangement where someone goes in to clean it every few hours. If you want to find out before you go there whether the amazing Lombok villas live up to your standards, do a quick search online and you will get plenty of sites with authentic customer reviews.
Slowpoke Wait Staff

Sometimes, a restaurant will be super busy and the wait staff will not appear by your table the moment you look up to find one. This is especially true in rest houses, inns etc. Even in fancy Lombok villas and resort, you will find that your glass is being filled later, your order being brought even later and the waiter is never there when you need him/her. However, before you complain, look around first. Is there adequate staff for the number of guests and tables they service? Is it a fast night with lots of people? If there seems to be a dearth of wait staff, you’re just gonna have to suck it up and wait like everyone else. If it’s a slow night and there are only a handful of guests but the wait staff is still slow, you can absolutely go complain to someone about it.

General Ambience

A good place will make you feel welcomed and comfortable, even if their facilities are not the best or most advanced. Some small guesthouses run by families don’t offer free WIFI or hot water, but they will go out of their way to prepare your favourite meals or guide you to good tourist attractions. The opposite is also true. You can tick every box on the ‘good hotels’ check list but still feel very out of sorts in a place that clinically, and by rote.