When you hire a company to tidy up your house, they will send in their employees to do the needful. Often, there are stories about conflicts and bad experiences which could actually have been prevented if things were dealt with in a different manner. Here are some ways in which you can work with the company employees that come to your house in a professional and safe manner that will benefit both you and them.

Sign up on a written contract always

It is a great and wise idea to always have it in writing about things like the payment rates, policies in case of loss or damage and the working hours and likes. Having all of these things ready and signed up means that you leave very little to no space for conflicts and issues to come up in the future. If it is a post renovation cleaning service make sure that the safety of the workers and any hazards have been shown and explained clearly to them and put that down in writing too because you do not want a law suit.

What does the company ask you to do?

Does the company have a policy about either you staying in house or leaving the house to the workers during the tidying up process? You will need to follow these policies that have been set by the company. Understand that home cleaning services have a great deal of experience in doing this and if they have put a rule in place, it is so with and for good reason. You not going by the rules automatically disqualifies you from asking for help if anything should be amiss later onwards.

What about your pets?

Most companies will have a policy in place for houses with pets as well. Some companies will ask you to leave them or take them outside the house or to keep them in a certain area where the workers will not need to go. In other cases, companies may ask you to introduce your pets to the workers so that they will not attack them if they are seen later. However, it is always in your best interests that you try as much as possible to stay at house when there are strangers around so that you do not have to handle a crisis if somebody does get bitten.

Give the workers access to the house

You will need to provide access to our house in the event that you cannot stay in. it is best f somebody, at least a relative can come over for the time so that help is at hand if the workers need to clarify something as well.